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These pieces are beautiful!

That wasn't a question, but thanks! We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them.

How many are left in stock?

Every Zag Creations piece is hand made and completely unique. We never make the same piece twice. For everything you see in the entire store, there is always ONE left in stock. If you buy it, you will have the only one in the world!

Is this jewelry delicate?

Not very. We use a process called kumihimo, which is an ancient Japanese technique for braiding decorative and functional silk cords. The particular stitch we use was originally designed to make the cords that held samurai armor together. They're strong! You shouldn't try to stretch them to see if you can break them, but they are not likely to snap if you catch them on something.

Most of the beads are glass and can sometimes be fragile, especially if they stick out from the braid. If your piece has a lot of long, thin beads, do be careful with those. They usually survive being dropped even on hard surfaces, but they can shatter if crushed.

How is it made?

Most of these pieces were braided on the Beadsmith kumihimo disk, a round foam disk with 32 notches around the outside. This helps us control the threads and spools, so they stay in the right order around the braid. Every piece is hand strung, bead by bead, and hand braided. Since we never make the same piece twice, every necklace and bracelet in the store is guaranteed absolutely unique.

What are they made of?

Most of the beads are glass, but some pieces have pearls, amethyst, peridot, citrine, or other semiprecious stone beads as well. Glass and stone beads are both brittle and may shatter into sharp edges, so be careful if you see broken beads.

Almost all of our pieces are braided on Superlon #18 nylon cord tested to 30lbs. With 8 strands in a braid, this stuff is strong enough to hold you up! (But please don't try; the beads can't take it even if the string can.) Some pieces, particularly wedding jewelry, are braided on thinner nylon cord or even silk string, in order to accommodate certain beads.

Do you wear this jewelry yourself?

Yes, every day. We originally started making these because we wanted to wear them.